8 Chicago Restaurants Serving Up Whole Grains in Deliciously Inventive Ways

September is Whole Grains Month, so swap processed grains for more nutritious, heart-healthy whole grains — which include the bran, germ, and endosperm. Whole grains are becoming increasingly popular, from buckwheat and barley to millet and whole wheat. Look for the whole grain stamp while grocery shopping (there are 12,504 products registered for stamp use in 58 countries!)

8 Chicago Restaurants Serving Up This Month’s Trendiest Ingredient

Happy National Mushroom Month! These umami-packed fungi are low in calories with no fat or cholesterol and they come in so many different varieties. From mushroom melts to Oaxacan red mole, these restaurants are making it easier than ever to enjoy #MeatlessMonday. New in Town The Chicago Mushroom Company is planning to open a new urban