Cavallo Point Healing Arts Center

Cavallo Point Healing Arts Center (Cavallo Point photos by Kodiak Greenwood. All other photos courtesy of each retreat.)

Escape from the city to these peaceful retreats that are all within a two-hour drive of major cities like Chicago, Toronto and Washington, D.C. Plus, they are all giving back and incorporating sustainability into the fabric of guest experiences. Deer Path Inn Closest to home for us here in Chicago is Deer Path Inn. This quaint

Kendall College Trust Makes Culinary School Affordable

Culinary camp (Photos courtesy of Kendall College.)

Attending culinary and hospitality school can be just as expensive as any private university, but by defraying those daunting costs for many talented students at Kendall College, Chicago’s top culinary school and hospitality management program,
the Kendall College Trust is making sure the kitchens stay open to all. There’s no doubt about it: College has become