10 Ethnic Restaurants Around Chicago to Visit Right Now: NaKorn

Mina's Braised Short Ribs at NaKorn (Photo by Dan LaFayette.)

“Ethnic food” is a phrase usually reserved for cuisines from foreign countries other than those in Western Europe. We don’t apply the term “ethnic food” to French or German food, but we readily apply it to Mexican or Thai food. The restaurants on the following list might be termed “ethnic,” but whatever category we place

5 Reasons the New Navy Pier is Thriving

Black Ensemble Theater at Navy Pier (Photo by Danielle Dolan for Heidi Zeiger Photography.)

Since becoming a nonprofit in 2011, Navy Pier has embarked on a total transformation both outside and in: not only is its physical space undergoing a makeover, but it’s quickly becoming one of the city’s hottest cultural scenes. In this case, change is a good thing — a very good thing — and it’s safe