Where to Pick Your Own Strawberries 2 Hours or Less From Chicago

Photos courtesy of the California Strawberry Commission.

Shiny, red, sweet strawberries are one of nature’s most delightful treats. They pack a nutritional punch, too, making them the perfect pick for an early summer snack. “One cup of strawberries brings great flavor and amazing health benefits,” says Carolyn O’Donnell of the California Strawberry Commission. “Only 50 calories and low in sugar, eating eight

"Jolt" by Mark Miller

Trauma can destroy lives, yet some people not only survive trauma, but they also bounce back to thrive and grow. For more than a decade, Evanston-based journalist Mark Miller, a nationally recognized expert on retirement and aging, has researched and written about what motivates people to reinvent their lives. His new book, “Jolt: Stories of