10 Inventive Avocado Recipes

Left photo courtesy of Downshiftology. Middle photo courtesy of Not Without Salt. Right photo courtesy of Love and Lemons.

The world-wide avocado craze isn’t new but also isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Our increased love of the alligator-hide fruit has created a potential shortage that is being called a “guacapocalypse” and plastic surgeons are bemoaning an increase in cases of “avocado hand” — injuries arising while cutting the tough fruit. Meanwhile, the

Rich Man, Poor Man: A Discussion of Income Inequality in America

Photos of John Freeman and Sarah Smarsh courtesy of Chicago Humanities Festival.

As part of this spring’s Chicago Humanities Festival, writer and literary critic John Freeman and journalist Sarah Smarsh met to discuss their shared concerns about income inequality in the United States. Smarsh recently contributed to an anthology on the topic, “Tales of Two Americas: Stories of Inequality in a Divided State,” of which Freeman was editor. 1. Our