If You Have Lungs, You’re at Risk for Lung Cancer

Photos courtesy of Ivy Elkins.

Deerfield resident and mother of four children Jill Feldman has a long and painful family history of lung cancer — two of her grandparents, her parents, and her aunt all died from the disease. After all of this tragedy, Feldman began to get involved in the LUNGevity Foundation, which was founded by seven Chicago-area lung

Unique Vacation Spots for Every Type of Traveler

South Walton (Photo by Wendy Altschuler.)

Ready to plan your next vacation but feeling uninspired when it comes to choosing the destination? If you’re tired of the same old annual beach escape or tourist-trap sightseeing trip, now’s the time to try something new. Whether you want to head somewhere sort of familiar but with a newfangled approach, or you want to go rogue and enjoy a