In recent years, blogs have become a popular way for people to share their thoughts on everything from books to photography.

With hundreds based in Chicago alone, how do you know which ones are worthy of your time? If you love fashion, food and/or fitness, these blogs need to be on your regular reading list.


The CHICago Life Blog

Find fashion inspiration, beauty tips, home décor ideas and interviews with chic Chicagoans and celebrities—including Sophia Bush, Nina Garcia and Joanna Krupa—on this blog created by Amelia Canham Eaton. Plus, you can visit the “Shop With Us” section to see what dresses, shirts, shoes, jewelry and more the writers love and buy your favorites.



If you’ve ever watched your favorite show and wondered how to dress like your favorite character (Olivia Pope, anyone?), this blog is for you. Dana Weiss of Deerfield watches right along with you (do not miss her live Tweets) and then tells you exactly where you can get that sweater or dress you wished was in your closet.


Health & Wellness

Nutrition Unplugged

You know those “it” foods that come around every few months—like quinoa, kale and Greek yogurt—that take the country by storm, and those fad diets that join them? Registered dietitian Janet Helm’s blog is all about helping you eat better while knowing what’s a myth and what you should actually add to your diet.


The Four Percent

If you struggle to stick with your workout routine, blogger Kate Hiipakka, a trainer and spinning instructor in Chicago, is here to remind you that a one-hour workout is only four percent of your day. Find workouts, recipes, playlists and product reviews to motivate you and make your workout a priority.



Lion & Maven

This blog has it all: mouthwatering food reviews, envy-inducing travel posts and some seriously gorgeous photography. Blog author Lauren Folkmann will make you want to get out and start exploring our favorite city (and a few others around the world).


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