Photos by Jennifer Avello.

Fashion eras clashed on the Goodman Theatre’s rehearsal stage for our holiday fashion story. While some of the characters from the Goodman’s famed production of “A Christmas Carol” were appalled by the modern dress of our models, others admired the newfangled frocks of the 21st century. This season, celebrate by donning looks in the holiday spirit: sparkles, satin, bows and jewel tones. 

Musicians, L-R: Andrew Coil (violin), Malcolm Ruhl (guitar), Justin Amolsch (french horn) and Gregory Hirte (violin)

On Laura (left):

On Bayley (right):

Actors, L-R: Andrew Coil, J. Salome Martinez and Anish Jethmalani

On Laura:

On Bayley:

Actresses, L-R: Theo Allyn, Kim Schultz and Penelope Walker

On Laura:

On Bayley:

Actors, L-R: Larry Neumann Jr., Malcolm Ruhl, Penelope Walker, Andrew Coil, Ron E. Rains and Theo Allyn

On Bayley:

On Laura:


Models Laura Hansen and Bayley Alexandra, courtesy of 10MGMT.

Hair by Zack at Teddie Kossof. Makeup by Carol Marie at Teddie Kossof

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