Kiss Cellulite Goodbye With This Innovative Procedure

Learn more about the innovative procedure that can have you bikini-ready in time for your next fun-in-the-sun getaway.

Who knew the latest technique in smoothing cellulite would be pioneered on the North Shore?

The Cellulite Rigotomy and Fat Transfer (CRAFT) procedure is simple, minimally invasive and effective. It involves releasing the strong bands that cause the “crater type” cellulite commonly found on the buttocks and upper thigh using only a small needle (a process known as “rigotomy”), and then smoothing the area by carefully and precisely placing grafted fat.

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia only, with minimal downtime and no activity restrictions. We use your own fat, which we can take from your “trouble spots” to contour those areas as well. The combination of slimming down the trouble areas while smoothing the buttocks has made this procedure very popular with our patients.

Do you have cellulite on your buttocks and upper thighs? Have you been thinking about refining those areas before bikini season? We’re here to help.

MAE Plastic Surgery (before and after)

Before and After

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