Mae Plastic Surgery: Get Your Body Back

As a busy parent, you may not have a lot of time for yourself, but that doesn’t mean a tight, toned body has to be a thing of your pre-kid past.

Children are wonderful, but pregnancy can take a toll on the body. Skin stretches. Abdominal muscles loosen and separate. Breasts swell and then deflate and sag. Changes to the labia, butt and thighs are common. No amount of diet and exercise can reverse these issues. If you’re looking to restore your pre-mommy body, there are treatments that can help.

Breasts can be lifted, reduced or augmented with round or shaped “gummy bear” implants. Tummies can be tucked with muscle tightening for a flatter, more contoured appearance. Strategic buttock fat grafting can create a round, lifted appearance without cellulite. Fullness in the abdomen, back and thighs can be reduced with liposuction, or noninvasively with BodyFX. Extra labia skin can be removed to increase confidence during intimacy, allow bikini bottoms to fit better, and prevent irritation during exercise.

Kids don’t just impact a mother’s body. While some may appreciate the “dad bod,” others just aren’t ready for that. Kids can affect workout and eating habits leading to “softening.” Targeted liposuction, with abdominal etching to accentuate the abs, may be a great option for fathers.

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation can take years off of your appearance. Botox and Dysport can smooth wrinkles. Injectable fillers restore volume and youthfulness. Advanced skincare techniques like HydraFacial, Dermaplaning and state of the art Laser Technology will restore your skin’s glow after countless sleepless nights.


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