MAE Plastic Surgery: SkinTite

SkinTite is a treatment created by Dr. Michael Epstein, founder of MAE Plastic Surgery and Transcend MedSpa in Northbrook. Dr. Epstein designed SkinTite by combining two well-known treatments (external radio-frequency and small cannula liposculpting) to improve the overall contour of the treated area. This procedure can gently melt and remove excess fat in small to medium-sized areas. The deep heating will also lead to contraction of the skin to re-contour the treated area. These areas may include the neck, the lower face, upper arms or inner thighs. SkinTite is better than liposuction by itself when it comes to treating areas where the skin is too lax or it has lost much of its elastic properties, as the heat generated by the radio frequency will do a better job of more uniformly tightening the skin.

This new treatment can be a good solution where there is sagging skin that requires tightening and contouring, but may not be quite necessary for a traditional lifting surgical procedure, such as a facelift or brachioplasty (arm lift). When a facelift is indicated, no other procedure will be able to re-contour and lift the neck, jawline and face better. However, when someone has early signs of soft tissue and skin sag, that person can benefit from SkinTite (RFAL). This shorter procedure can be performed under light sedation or local anesthesia, and has almost no post-procedural swelling and bruising, which leads to much less down time and less risk. There are virtually no incisional scars and after the procedure, you can go home and resume normal activity shortly.

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after six to 12 weeks.

Come see Dr. Michael Epstein to determine if you are a good candidate for this innovative, minimally invasive procedure to tighten your skin.

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