5 New Kitchen Gadgets to Try

Spend too much time in the kitchen preparing the same foods the same way with the same equipment and tedium is bound to set in. Why not switch things up by adding some of the newest and cleverest kitchen gadgets into the mix? Here are five of our favorites, recently featured at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. Give them a try and you’ll never look back.

Adjustable Oil Pourer

Adjustable Oil Pourer from Prepara Kitchen Tools

Photo courtesy of Prepara Kitchen Tools.

Who doesn’t have trouble controlling the amount of olive oil or vinegar that comes out of a store-bought bottle? That’s where Prepara Kitchen Tools‘ Adjustable Oil Pourer Deluxe comes in handy. The stainless steel spout fits on a variety of bottle sizes. Flip the spout one way and you get the perfect drizzle to finish a dish; move it the other way and it opens wider to coat a pan or measure out in larger quantities. Cleanup’s a breeze thanks to the patented dripless spout. $13

3-in-1 Spiralizer

3-in-1 Spiralizer from Hamilton Beach

Kristi Silvis demonstrates Hamilton Beach’s 3-in-1 Spiralizer at the International Home + Housewares Show, held recently in Chicago. (Photo by Sue Ontiveros.)

Those manual spiralizers that turn veggies into pasta shapes are a fine idea. But let’s admit it: They tend to be a bit cumbersome and time-consuming. Not Hamilton Beach’s 3-in-1 Spiralizer, touted as the first electric spiralizer. Fueled by 200 watts of power, the machine serves up a batch of zucchini noodles in no time. The 3-in-1’s trio of discs lets you spiral, ribbon or grate veggies and fruits. (The grater disc can even be used on hard cheeses and nuts too.) A must-have for carb-cutters missing pasta. $50


Toastabags from Planit Products

Photo by Sue Ontiveros.

Expand the use of your toaster beyond breakfast with Toastabags from Planit Products. Stick a cheese sandwich in one of the reusable, non-stick sacks and within minutes it’s grilled. You can use the sacks for other foods, too — a leftover slice of pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks or pastries. Ideal for quick lunches for kids. $9 for a two-pack

Digital Air Fryer

Digital Air Fryer from Kalorik

Photo courtesy of Kalorik.

Who doesn’t love the taste of fried food? Ah, but the calories, the mess of splattering oil and the lingering smell are enough to put the kibosh on home frying. None of that’s a problem with Kalorik’s Digital Air Fryer which uses little to no oil. Instead, the food is cooked by hot air circulated at a high speed. There are seven preset settings on the digital panel, which takes the guesswork out of cooking times. The appliance can be used for roasting, baking and grilling too. With two chambers, it can even do double-duty, so you can cook, say, a steak and onion rings at the same time. $200

Edible Spoon Maker

Edible Spoons from Edible Nation

Photo by Sue Ontiveros.

Serving appetizers in small spoons is all the rage in entertaining right now. But who has that many cute little spoons? Solve the problem — and the cleanup afterward — with the Edible Spoon Maker from Edible Nation. Reminiscent of a waffle maker, the small machine has molds for five spoons where you pour either pre-made or homemade dough. They’re done in three minutes and the non-stick appliance is ready immediately to bake more. Click here to be notified when the Edible Spoon Maker is available.

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