Dr. Lombardo

Nutrition takes center stage in honor of National Nutrition Month. Awareness of opportunities to improve health has increased in recent years as old and new diet methods have surged in popularity. Social media provides people of all walks of life access to quality nutrition information. However, along with the helpful info comes plenty of confusion about what is “good for you” vs. “bad.” How can you tell the difference? What’s the right plan for you?

First, let’s start with identifying the “why” in your quest for a healthy diet. Are you looking to lose weight? Decrease inflammation? Improve energy? Reduce risk of chronic disease? Knowing the answer to this question is the first step in identifying which dietary changes to incorporate. If you’re struggling to find the answer, I suggest you start with comprehensive labs and body composition assessment. Comparing the results with your family history and current lifestyle will likely point you in the proper direction.

Dr. Ryan Lombardo

Dr. Ryan Lombardo

Next, let’s look at your functional nutrition analysis. What nutrients are needed most? Is this a GI issue, or is it hormonal? Could it be both? Does your current diet trigger symptoms that are tolerated just because you have learned to tolerate them? If you notice frequent bloating, reflux, fatigue, headaches, uncomfortable bowel movements, itchy skin, or other responses, you should consider food sensitivity testing and a personalized nutrition program based on your own immune responses, genes, and/or nutrient deficiencies.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we encourage you to be mindful of your diets. Inflammation is the root cause of many common chronic conditions, and much of it begins with our diets and nutritional status. If you need guidance, we are here to help. Using comprehensive lab testing, we can provide a personalized approach to your nutrition plan utilizing some or all of the options below:

  • True Health Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • Micronutrient Test
  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Pathway Genomics Healthy Weight DNA Insight ® Test

Remember, your diet is your own, shouldn’t it be about you?


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