Your Summer Skin: 4 Things You Should Know

Keep your skin healthy this summer! In the past several years I have seen an increase in both women and men seeking long term anti-aging regimens. Light bulbs are going off and folks are beginning to understand that caring for skin should have the same approach as caring for the body (i.e., going to the gym, being active, eating whole foods, etc.). For the serious skincare enthusiasts (or anyone interested in getting there), here are some things to consider:

1. Exfoliation, laser treatments, and photorejuvenation procedures are safe to do in the summer months. It’s best to continue treatment therapy all year long, and should not be stopped in the summer. You can still enjoy the weather and summer activities with the right treatment protocol. The goal is to keep skin as healthy and stable as possible all year long, and not to accumulate sun damage June through August. 

2. Daily sunscreen. Period. Shield your beautiful face and body. There are fantastic sun and environmental protectors available at dermatology and high-end skincare practices that protect against the sun and free radicals. Some of them come in tinted formulas that deliver antioxidants to the skin and do not clog pores, so you can protect yourself and look flawless at the same time. [Check out the Recycle Your Sunscreen offer below.]

3. Fresh summer glow in 30 minutes. I love HydraFacial. It’s like a microdermabrasion, chemical peel, pore cleaner, and anti-aging facial in one quick 30-minute visit. This is a great option for maintaining previous aesthetic treatment results and gently blasting away any signs of summer damage before it sets in. 

4. Save money. Work with an experienced skincare provider you trust, and follow the custom protocol they recommend for you. The program does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, but it does need to be consistent. I see it all day long in practices — the patients that follow their regimens closely do age more gracefully, look healthy, and end up investing less money on their skin in the long run.

Put Your Best Face Forward!  

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“Beauty begins with Beautiful Skin, and Beautiful Skin begins with a Healthy Body.”

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