"The Meddler"

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day flick to catch with Mom? Check out the film Variety has called “a lovely valentine … to mother’s everywhere.” “The Meddler,” starring Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne and J.K. Simmons, and directed and written by Lorene Scafaria, tells the heartfelt story of the widowed Marnie (Sarandon) who moves to LA to be closer to her daughter Lori (Byrne). When Marnie’s attempts to over-nurture her adult daughter are met with resistance, the uber-optimist is forced to channel her efforts elsewhere, bringing joy, laughter and some poignant human connection to others in the film — as well as to the audience.

During her Q&A following a sneak peak viewing of the film in Chicago, the lovely and remarkably young Scafaria revealed just how personal this work is too. It’s based on her own experience when the father she adored died and her very New Jersey mother moved to LA to be near her. The film even includes real life photos of her very handsome, very Italian father.

Here are five reasons to see “The Meddler.”

1. If you are a mother or an adult daughter, this art will no doubt imitate your real life. Moms and daughters are bound to see some part of themselves in Marnie and Lori — and may leave the theater with a deeper appreciation for each other.

2. J.K. Simmons’ performance is unmissable as a hot, hot, hot, but also vulnerable and kind, Harley Davidson-driving, chicken-tending, guitar-picking retired police officer-turned-studio security officer. You will want to climb onto the back of his Harley, meet his chickens and get bailed out of jail by him too.

3. You must watch Susan Sarandon eat an organic, orgasmic egg. If you need the recipe, writer and director Lorene Scafaria can give it to you. She made the dish and filmed the scene in only one fabulous take.

4. The film provides a great opportunity to indulge in a little escapism by imagining packing up and resettling along the ocean or in the Hills of West L.A. as Marnie does after leaving New Jersey. You just might find yourself checking out California real estate.

5. You’ll feel great about supporting the talented women who wrote, directed and starred in this heartwarming film. Sarandon shines in the role of Marnie and we’re grateful to Scafaria for creating it for her.

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