"In the Game": Maria

Images from "In the Game" courtesy of YWCA.

On Thursday, April 14, YWCA will host a special screening of “In the Game” at the Wilmette Theatre. This 2015 documentary highlights the inequalities facing the girls’ soccer team at a south side high school, throwing into sharp relief the unthinkable challenges many girls (and even more students) face every day.

"In the Game"

Local director Maria Finitzo follows Coach Stan and the girls’ soccer team at Kelly High School, where budgets are so tight the students have to supply their own toilet paper. Captains come and go, but Coach Stan’s persistence and faith never waver.

"In the Game": Coach Stan and Team

You’ll be riveted as this feature-length documentary explores the struggles that come with being undocumented, a child of immigrants or merely a Hispanic girl in a patriarchal world where soccer is only for the boys. Cheer the team on, even as they practice in school hallways for lack of a field and go up against area high schools with funding Kelly faculty only dream of.

Make no mistake, however: “In the Game” is a wildly empowering and grounding film that throws into sharp relief the innumerable benefits that come with living on the North Shore. Make sure to stick around after the screening for a special conversation with Finitzo and producer Mary Morissette.

Purchase a $10 ticket for the movie here.

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