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Helpful Resources for Caregivers

Caregiving is all about attending to someone else’s needs. Whether that person is your child, friend or parent, taking care of others for an extended period of time can be mentally and physically exhausting. The reality is that many people—mostly women—are responsible for the well-being of their own children plus an aging parent or two. Add those responsibilities to the mix of life’s usual stressors, and you end up with a caregiver who could use some loving care herself.

Fortunately, there’s help available for caregivers, too. If you’re working around the clock to take care of your loved ones, check out these organizations that may be able to lighten your load (or at least help you organize your busy schedule). Some services may even be covered by insurance.

Caregiver Agencies

Other Resources

Three more sites worth checking out: ARCH National Respite Network [10] and HelpGuide.org [11] offer a range of information, resources and references about everything from legislative activity to caregiver stress management. The North Shore Senior Center [12] also provides information and resources for caregivers.

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