Make It Better 2016 Gift Guide: For Kids

Please note that prices are average retail and are rounded to the nearest dollar. Photos courtesy of each manufacturer.

From babies to big kids, here are some great gifts for warming and engaging young bodies and minds.

2016 Gift Guide: For Kids


1. Finn + Emma Play Gym: The perfect baby play gym for the eco-conscious home, the Finn + Emma Play Gym’s birch wood frame is non-toxic, phthalate- and VOC-free. Little ones will love the detachable Indian hardwood toys, and organic cotton hand-knit rattle toys. $135, Finn + Emma

2. KicKee Pants Pajamas: Okay, so your child probably won’t be thrilled to find clothes under the tree, but that will all change when they feel how comfy Kickee Pants are. From adorable footed jammies for newborns to perfect play clothes for children up to age 10, parents and kids alike will get hooked on this awesome line. Prices vary by item, KicKee Pants

3. Molecube: Give your child a toy that works their brain. The Molecube is a brainteaser cube of colorful spheres; the goal is to ensure that no two of the same color appear twice on any one side. Great for sudoku lovers. $20, Fat Brain Toys

4. Tyco Terra Climber: Kids aged 8 and up will love conquering stairs, rocks and hills with this remote-control creature with a super cool, extendable two-foot-long tail. Parents will love that it comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger. $100, Target

5. Monica + Andy Muslin Blanket: Cotton muslin baby blankets are all the rage, but this soft and cozy double-layer organic version from Chicago-based children’s line Monica + Andy is our absolute favorite. Not just for swaddling newborns, these blankets are warm and large enough to make great stroller blankets, sure to be snuggled and treasured by babies and bigger kids alike. $65, Monica + Andy

6. Tegu Blocks: Tegu blocks take traditional wooden blocks to the next level. Kids of all ages — and even their parents — will find themselves spending hours building and creating with these addictively fun magnetic blocks made from responsibly sourced wood. $110, Tegu

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