Make It Better 2016 Gift Guide: Home

Please note that prices are average retail and are rounded to the nearest dollar. Photos courtesy of each manufacturer.

Icy Chicago winters mean lots of time inside, so spice up your home with some clever decor and the latest appliances.

2016 Gift Guide: Home

1. MOVA Globe: The perfect gift for the world traveler’s home base, MOVA Globes remain mesmerizingly and continuously in motion through the use of ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field. A great conversation piece for a living room or office. Starting at $125, MOVA

2. Ninja Coffee Bar: Versatility and customization are the names of the game with Ninja’s newest coffee maker that truly does it all. Brew the perfect size and strength of coffee for every drink, from classic drip to milk-based (frother included!), iced or frozen blended. Starting at $140, Ninja

3. Dyson Hot + Cool: The ultimate heater in the winter and fan in the summer, the sleek and modern Dyson Hot + Cool produces quiet, smooth and powerful airflow, perfectly heating or cooling the room, depending on your needs. It has a sleep timer for those cold winter nights and is also great for warming up chilly bathrooms before a morning shower! $450, Dyson

4. Lorena Canals Rug: Beautiful and super soft, the best part about handmade Lorena Canals rugs is they’re machine washable in a conventional home washing machine. No more stressing about keeping baby’s play space clean or bigger kids tracking dirt everywhere. Starting at $200, Lorena Canals

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