Today Show: Kaitlin Roseman and John West

Kaitlin Roseman and John West (Photo by Samantha Okazaki / TODAY.)

Glenview’s Kaitlin Roseman and John West are ready to say “I do” in front of their closest family and friends … and millions of “Today show viewers.

Last week, the pair was one of three couples vying for viewer votes in the My Big Fat Today Wedding contest to win a free dream wedding. Now, Kaitlin and John are appearing on the “Today” show every day while America votes on the wedding dress and tux, rings, cake, drink, flowers, favors, sign, and honeymoon. Cast your vote here and tune in every day to find out what you can vote for next. (Vote for the honeymoon on Monday, March 21.)




“It’s kind of a whirlwind,” John says. “Just to think two weeks ago we were living in Glenview and then we got flown out to New York. It was my first time in New York and now it’s my third time in less than two weeks.”

Whirlwind is right. Kaitlin and John, no strangers to celebrating big moments on live TV, got engaged on New Year’s Eve during ABC 7’s Countdown Chicago. Later, a friend told them about the “Today” show contest and just three days after submitting their application video, the show called the couple and asked if they could potentially spend 12 days in New York.

“Every day is exciting,” John says. “They do something different every day. I mean, I still can’t believe they’re sending us on a honeymoon. That’s just insane to me. I’m just really impressed with NBC and the “Today” show and everything that they’re doing for us.”

“And I’m really excited to have the “Today” show and America plan our wedding,” Kaitlin adds. “When we first started looking into plans and going to wedding expos, it was so overwhelming … We have no idea how our wedding day is looking. That’s been really fun. Every day I joke that it’s like Christmas morning.”

Most importantly, Kaitlin and John will have the support of family on their big day.

“Having my dad pass away this year has been really hard and this was always kind of the event I dreaded the most without my dad,” Kaitlin says. “But I think being in New York and on the “Today” show, it’s an exciting way to kind of distract you in a sense. I’m hoping that my mom and my Nana will walk me down the aisle, so we still have a lot of that support and everyone is really excited to be a part of it.”

Watch Kaitlin and John’s wedding on March 24.