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New in Town: A Dash of Joy Now Offers S’mores Bars

Interactive food stations are a fun party trend that allow guests to create their own, perfect-for-them dessert. If you’re planning a wedding, baby shower or philanthropic event, treat your guests to a s’mores bar from A Dash of Joy [1]. This Chicago-based dessert bar company has been around since 2015, when they began offering customizable cupcake bars, but they have just recently launched their s’mores bars in partnership with XO Marshmallow [2], which creates hand-made gourmet marshmallows in flavors like bourbon, lavender honey and salted caramel. A Dash of Joy has also partnered with local business Dream Cakes Chicago [3] for their cupcake bars.

A Dash of Joy: S'mores Bar [1]

A Dash of Joy: Courtney Pantoja [1]

A Dash of Joy Owner Courtney Pantoja.

A Dash of Joy [1]
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