Move over winter blues, and make way for winter celadon, fuchsia and plum! Pops of color are the perfect way to brighten your space when it’s solid gray outside. Here are some of our brightest ideas to make your home burst with color.

1. Make Monochromatic Marvelous

Take the monotony out of monochromatic by soaking your room in luscious color. A variety of textures and tones infuses a single hue with tons of depth.

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2. Paint the Ceiling

A canopy of blush pink or cool turquoise will reflect off white walls and infuse the entire space with a pearlescent wash of color that doesn’t overwhelm.

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3. Paper or Paint the Stairs

Create your own stairway to heaven. This oft-overlooked utilitarian structure is dazzling when awash in ocean blues or papered in a floral motif like a little Babylonian garden.

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4. Highlight Architecture

Use striking color sparingly and to great effect to highlight distinctive architecture. A shock of Kelly green drapery is majestic in an otherwise austere space and it emphasizes high ceilings.

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5. Go Full-On Rainbow Bright

Go for it! Employ the full spectrum for an exuberant space that shimmers with kaleidoscopic color. White walls ensure the room remains airy and cheerful.

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6. Add Just a Peek

A single flash of color in an otherwise soft, neutral space is a cheeky little wink, like a lacy camisole peeking out of a structured blouse.

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7. Begin With a Black-and-White Base

For a graphic punch, try popping your favorite color against classic black and white. The black-and-white scheme is eternally elegant and goes with everything.

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8. Color in the Kitchen

Kick that white kitchen to the curb with a glossy coat of vivid pigment. Emerald or aquamarine cabinets make for a dramatic jewel box in which to show off your culinary gems.

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9. Layer Color Over Darkness

Vibrant color is radiant against a dark backdrop. Add a hit of tangerine to a dusky room for an electric burst of color that really pops.

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10. Paint Your Woodwork

Accentuate fine millwork with an unexpectedly flamboyant coat of paint. Even the handsomest of paneling isn’t afraid to wear pink.

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11. Opt for Watercolor Walls

Add a watercolor flourish in lieu of artwork to a plain wall for an aqueous bloom that’s both startling and gorgeous.

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