Techo-Bloc: 5 Amazing Styles for Your Outdoor Space

Are you more “country rustic” or “European flair”? Or maybe even “polished casual” with a hint of “English garden”?

Summertime calls for outdoor barbecues and family parties on the patio. However, using your front yard and backyard spaces this season might require renovations. But don’t panic! You just need to understand your tastes and find your vision.

Here are some beautiful style options courtesy of Techo-Bloc’s style lab.

Country Rustic

Techo-Bloc Style Lab: Country Rustic

Country rustic brings to mind campfires, s’mores, and lots and lots of wood. The look and texture of natural wood provides warmth to your outdoor spaces. Don’t just limit yourself to wood floors. Sculpted “rustic” stone can also be used to build grill islands, kitchen counters, and pizza ovens.

English Garden

Techo-Bloc Style Lab: English Garden

Who doesn’t want their backyard to look like the Queen of England’s royal gardens? This style is timeless and classic but with a twist. Try mixing stone walkways with your garden’s natural greenery. Cobblestone pavers add a traditional old-English vibe, with their unique edges and moss-filled joints. Pour a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery.

Euro Flair

Techo-Bloc Style Lab: Euro Flair

You have to admit: Europeans are chic. Make your patio just as fashionable with checkered flooring. Mixing avant-garde and traditional elements gives you that high-impact European style. Invite all your friends over, and they might just think they moved to Italy.

Polished Casual

Techo-Bloc Style Lab: Polished Casual

If you enjoy the more classic and relaxed look, polished causal is for you. Soft-colored stone mimics limestone for a natural feel to your patios and walkways. Stone pillars can even add an ancient European element to an outdoor space. Polished casual is the best for a refined vision — and palette.


Techo-Bloc Style Lab: Contemporary

When you think contemporary, you think minimalistic. It is all about a high-impact through a controlled and refined design. Smooth and elongated stone emphasizes the modern, sleek architecture of this style. Choosing pieces with monochrome colors and clean lines will ensure an elegant and awe-inspiring backyard.


Want to find more styles? Browse the style lab for outdoor visions. You can also visit Techo-Bloc to discover how we can help transform your summer space.



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