There is a riddle that goes something like this: There are only two barbers to choose from and there are no other barbers located within 100 miles. Barber Bob has a bad haircut and his shop has dirty floors and windows. Barber Bill always has a spotless shop and has a neatly trimmed haircut. Who would you choose? The answer is Barber Bob because he gives Barber Bill his good hair cut. Barber Bill’s shop is clean because no one goes there. Looks are often deceiving. This is true when shopping for an architect or builder.

It can be tempting to use a firm that appears to be low cost. The builder who works out of a pickup truck with no employees or overhead may at first appear to be a good value, but actually poses many risks. What happens when this low-cost provider gets sick, becomes overwhelmed, or takes a financial hit on a project? Is there actual value being provided when he must prepare all of his estimates in a rush on nights or weekends, buy materials at retail prices because he has no buying power, or accept higher negotiated labor rates due to a lack of project volume? Frequent contact is nearly impossible as he can only be in one place at a time and nearly every problem becomes an emergency because there no one to delegate to or lean on for alternative solutions. Often, even when faced with these risks and challenges, people talk themselves into thinking they can manage the low-cost provider into being a better quality builder who will meet their needs. But these people, like all of our clients, are busy leading active lives focused on their families and careers. Who needs another job, especially when there’s a better alternative?

The builder initially perceived to have higher overhead costs actually offers reduced risk and greater value. They have a team in place to work around staffing issues and the expertise to explore alternative solutions when needed. They have established buying groups to acquire materials cheaper, and more sophisticated project management capabilities. Their systems and processes are all designed to build a more affordable, quality built project in less time while ensuring a smooth, engaging and memorable experience for the client.

As with the example of the two barbers, judging which builder is the better value is often counter intuitive. A. Perry Homes prides itself on the people we have trained to serve you well, the systems we have put in place to ensure a smooth process, and the strategies we have developed to provide a great value to our clients. People often spend more money on their home than anything else in their life, yet take unnecessary risks when selecting the low-cost builder because they are not fully aware of all the potential disasters that may await them.

Our design-build process embeds a principal architect in your process from the earliest stages of design through the completion of construction. Our clients tell us that a continuous point of contact taking them through the entire process is important for their stress level, consistent communication and overall success of the project. Since there are less parties involved, there is a reduced likelihood of miscommunication, delays, additional costs and frustration.

A true architect-led design-build process provides the least stressful, most cost efficient, fastest construction process while offering an opportunity to truly customize the details of your home.

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