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When you consider the amount of time you spend at home, you should not compromise on having something that is well-designed and well-built. Your home is the venue for family traditions, where memories are created and where you rest and recover. At every price point, there are ways to minimize the compromises that most people suffer through in their homes. Whether you build new or remodel, good design and a thoughtful construction process can make any house your dream home.

Often people come to A. Perry Homes exasperated after a long, arduous search to find their dream home. In those situations, we help clients to narrow their list of options and then work with them to evaluate and determine what is best suited to their needs. Sometimes, with the addition of our vision and experience, a simple remodel project is all it takes to vastly improve the livability of a home. Other times, it’s a matter of making clients aware of properties that may have been overlooked, considering previously reviewed properties from a different perspective, or identifying opportunities not available by traditional means through our access to off-market properties.

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For those who choose to design and build new, we have developed a fun and engaging process to ensure that you get a home that is uniquely yours, at your budget, without the compromises that inevitably come with moving into someone else’s home. While most builders are familiar with one repetitive style, often making awkward modifications to suit a particular site, we can design to any architectural style. Since our firm has been designing and building custom homes, each for a unique family, for more than 30 years, we know how to tackle myriad projects. We can confidently design in any style — from historic renovation to sleek contemporary — in all sizes — from 1,500 to 30,000 square feet — at all budget ranges.

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A common misconception is that custom is expensive. However, in our view, it does not require more money to do things right. Instead, it requires talent, expertise, attention to detail and an understanding of how things should go together properly. Our talented architects, who ask good questions and carefully listen to the needs of the client, have designed amazing custom features in our clients homes that truly set them apart from other homes. Things like unique built-ins, special trim profiles, clever cabinet solutions, creative space planning, tasteful blending of materials and dream kitchens all combine to distinguish our custom homes from others, without adding additional cost simply for being carefully thought about in advance. But, we don’t stop at our client’s wish lists — sometimes we suggest unique ideas that our clients didn’t even consider possible. Secret doors, special architectural elements, indoor slides, golf driving ranges, wine cellars, automobile lifts, pergolas, indoor basketball courts and VIP luxury closets are just some of the custom elements we’ve included in a design as a result of asking our clients questions about their hobbies or interests.

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A well designed and built home or remodel project improves the curb appeal of your home, makes your home more livable and protects the investment into your home.

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