Often clients ask us to visit several homes to consider whether it makes more sense to remodel or tear-down the existing home. As an expert in designing, building and remodeling homes, we can properly assess each opportunity and guide our clients.

We examine the existing structure and general conditions. “Good Bones” is the term used on TV house flip shows to describe a quality built home. As in most reality TV shows, the real process is not accurately reflected. It takes an experienced architect and builder to determine whether a structure is stable, has redeeming existing design details and whether it can be modified to serve the needs of the new owner. We examine everything from foundations and structure to architectural elements, design flow and aesthetics.



Our team carefully examines the unique site conditions to determine suitability. The size, species and health of existing trees can be indicators of good soil drainage or potential disasters. Drainage, grading, existing views and site context are important considerations. We also look for potential nuisances like road noise, overhead wires, trains, flood-plain issues, school yards, and parking and consider the best methods to abate them.

In older homes, we frequently find that the existing ceiling height of the first floor is a deal breaker because of current design trends and expectations for taller ceiling heights. In addition, older homes may irritate sensitivities to allergens like mold and mildew, which certainly can eliminate a home from consideration.

We also perform a due diligence report which determines the suitability of a particular property for a potential project. In many cases, a budget is prepared to compare the feasibility of a remodel versus a new home.

Finally, we have the experience and expertise to analyze potential projects from a real estate investment perspective, considering future resale value and evaluation of any long-term opportunities offered by a particular property.

We understand that it takes a carefully considered, detailed process like this, handled by experts in both architecture and remodeling, to properly examine all of the variables that you face when considering whether to remodel or build new. Once all of the variables are weighed, we guide our clients to the best decision for their needs.

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