Hester Home Maintenance: Take Care of These Important Home Maintenance Items Now to Avoid Big Headaches

The cold temps and snow have officially arrived, but there is still time to get a few of those nagging preventative maintenance items taken care of before you regret it. Brutal precipitation and cold can exacerbate small problems and lead to costly repairs or higher utility bills.

“The key to maintaining your home inside and out is to catch issues as early as possible and fix them quickly, before minor repairs lead to costly problems,” explains Jeff Hester, of Hester Painting & Decorating. Hester recommends homeowners take the following steps — or hire a skilled contractor to conduct them — in order to protect their home and their family.

  • Exterior Painted Areas: Walk around your home’s exterior and look for exposed wood. Properly painted areas not only look better, but they also protect the home because exposed wood is especially prone to weather damage. Hester can recommend special paints to use on raw wood even in lower temperatures.
  • Windows and Doors: Replace any worn weather stripping on exterior doors. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors by using caulk on windows to prevent drafts/moisture and to prevent heat loss (keeping energy bills lower).
  • Exhaust Vents: Clean and vacuum the dryer exhaust vent and kitchen hood vent to help prevent dust and lint build-up that can cause fires.
  • Humidifiers: With the heating season in full swing, you need to ensure that your humidifiers are properly operating to help prevent overly dry air in your home that affects your family’s health and causes cracking of caulk and woodwork throughout your home.

To help check these responsibilities off your to-do list, Hester Home Maintenance is here for you. These tasks and more than 25 other important items are taken care of with Hester’s new service, which includes a comprehensive quarterly review of your home’s condition to help ensure the proper maintenance and safety of your home and your family. With maintenance plans starting as low as $200 per quarter, this is a great program to allow for homeowner peace of mind, knowing that all of those important tasks are taken care of without having to remember what to do and without having to risk their own safety trying to perform some of the tasks.

To learn more and to take advantage of a special holiday offer, contact Steve Hester at 847-677-5130 or visit us at hesterhomemaintenance.com.