Merchandise Mart's DreamHome Provides Interior Design Inspiration

The 12th Annual DreamHome. Photos by Hedrich Blessing.

Find your home decor inspiration, or aspiration, at the 12th Annual DreamHome, which will be on display at the Merchandise Mart through Dec. 4. Here’s a taste of the six rooms created by Chicago interior design firms.


Don’t invest in home design elements that are too trendy, advises Lynn Boutross of Blutter Shiff Design Associates, the firm responsible for this bright and calming foyer. If you want to be sure you will still love the design years down the road, it doesn’t hurt to be classic. One great feature of this room is the Maya Romanoff vinyl wall covering. Super-stylish with a sparkle and you can wipe it down with a sponge when needed. Form meets function.

12th Annual DreamHome Foyer


12th Annual DreamHome Foyer


Make a room look rich, warm and inviting by combining textures and jewel tones, as shown in the library designed by Kadlec Architecture + Design. The leather paneling above the fireplace is unexpected and refined. Imagine curling up with a book on the large ottoman in the center of the room.

Study Main 2 12th Annual DreamHome


Don’t be afraid to mix luxurious items with more rustic or rough textures, as designer Michael Del Piero of Michael Del Piero Good Design does in this bedroom. A sumptuously soft throw adds decadence to the space, in contrast to the natural-fiber, sisal rug. The artwork came first for this room, with a large painting acting as a headboard and the room’s focal point.

12th Annual DreamHome 12th Annual DreamHome


Inspired by a vintage 1970s photograph, the sunroom designed by Tom Riker and James Dolenc of JamesThomas Interiors features a base of black and white with pops of pink, raspberry and blue. When you’re designing a room, Dolenc says, don’t strive to be on trend. Keep classic proportions, make sure there’s a balance of contemporary and time-honored styles, and don’t forget to have some fun.

12th Annual DreamHome

12th Annual DreamHome

Dining Room

A dining room table isn’t just for special occasions; it deserves to be used regularly, says Hunter Kaiser of Hunter Kaiser: Creative For Life, who designed this dining room with a gentleman in mind. The table, which doesn’t have to be the traditional rectangle, can be used for private meals and entertaining or as a showpiece for displaying collections.

12th Annual DreamHome 12th Annual DreamHome

Living Room

Rich earth tones mixed with various fabrics and textures are meant to evoke 1930s Paris in this living room designed by Soucie Horner, Ltd. Linen and silk play off the rough, sisal flooring and the sleekness of the glass coffee table. The chandelier, from Holland & Sherry, is a standout, eye-catching piece that sets the mood for the room.

12th Annual DreamHome 12th Annual DreamHome

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