How to Give Back During Lake Geneva Restaurant Week

Photo courtesy of Visit Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva Country Meats will demonstrate their commitment and support of the community by presenting a donation of $5,000 to the winner of the Lake Geneva Restaurant Week Charity Check ballot.

Lake Geneva Restaurant Week will take place Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 11. The 25 Lake Geneva restaurants participating in the event will, at the end of the meal, provide patrons a bill with the Charity Check ballot included. Diners will then have the opportunity to vote on one of six charities they feel should be awarded the $5,000 donation. The charity with the most votes will receive the donation.

Among 15 applications, the six charities selected to participate in this year’s Lake Geneva Restaurant Week Charity Check ballot are:

Lakeland Animal Shelter

The Lakeland Animal Shelter was founded in 1968 with a mission to improve the lives of animals enduring destitute situations throughout the community. The shelter has more than 100 volunteers looking after more than 2,500 homeless animals. Their primary objective is to find these animals a home with owners who will care for and cherish them as much as they do.

Black Point Estate and Gardens

The magnificent mansion that is frequently visited and known today as the Black Point Estate and Gardens was once the home of the Chicago beer brewer Conrad Siepp. Siepp had the Black Point Estate built more than a century ago along the south shore of Lake Geneva. The Wisconsin Historical Society took on the responsibility of maintaining the estate on Jan. 1, 2013. Today, tours are welcome between the months of May and October. The Black Point Estate and Gardens serves as a place for visitors to experience and appreciate Queen Ann architecture.

Lake Geneva Youth Camp

Lake Geneva Youth Camp opened in 1950 and has since held programs serving more than 28,000 children and adults. Their hope and goal is to positively change the lives of young people visiting their camp. The camp has 400 volunteer staff members who work throughout the year to support and ensure that campers experience the fullness of their programs.

Side by Side

Side by Side is a nonprofit organization that is centered on providing monetary assistance to Lake Geneva families who are undergoing problematic financial situations such as inability to pay for mortgage, rent or utilities. Side by Side consists of service organizations, churches within the Lake Geneva area, local businesses and volunteers throughout the community. Together they help families find a way out of their financial problems.

United Way of Walworth County

The United Way of Walworth County focuses on improving the lives of Walworth County residents by creating and providing solutions to needs that arise within the area. They gather more than $300,000 each year to help fund more than 30 Walworth County nonprofit organizations as well as offer ways to increase resources within the community.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never was based upon a mother’s dream to have children with and without disabilities play together in an all-inclusive playground. Dusti Ocampo was inspired by her daughter with special needs, Kameron. Ocampo took the first step in making a difference in her community by coming up with an idea that would allow children with and without disabilities to interact and grow together. Therefore, Never Say Never’s current goal is to collect $1 million in hopes of building the playground in the spring of 2018.

This will be Lake Geneva Country Meats’ third year presenting a donation to a charity. The nonprofit organizations that have received the award in the past are the Agape House for Girls and the Walworth County Alliance for Children.