Lake County Haven

Feeling overwhelmed by the world’s problems?

Poverty, hunger, homelessness, violence … it can be too much to think about. But there is a new opportunity for you to solve these problems. Lake County Haven invites you to Adopt-a-Night!

Every night of the year, women and children who have nowhere else to go come to Lake County Haven seeking food, warmth, safety, and guidance. Now YOU have the power to provide that for them. By adopting one or more of the 365 nights in a year, you will provide sanctuary and sustenance for a local family.

Select a Special Night and Make a Difference

You can adopt as many nights as you like and in any combination you wish. Adopt your favorite holiday, your birthday, or your anniversary. Adopting a loved one’s birthday or anniversary is a thoughtful gift to offer them! You can also choose to adopt in honor or in memory of a loved one.

You can adopt any night for only $250!

A Gift for Others … and for Yourself

We know that your desire to take part in this program stems from wanting to save lives and change lives. But the Adopt-a-Night program will highlight your gift so that it will encourage others to give as well. Your name and donation will be:

  • Displayed at the shelter as the patron of that night
  • Listed in our newspaper ads
  • Celebrated in our newsletter, which goes to 5,000+ homes and businesses
  • Included in all press releases
  • Profiled on our website, including a link to your business, personal, or club website
  • Highlighted on our Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Displayed in an acknowledgement letter suitable for framing

We sincerely hope that you will Adopt-a-Night, or two, or three! For more information, please visit, call 847-680-1901, or email [email protected]

On behalf of the many women and children whose lives will be saved and changed through your generous gift: Thank You!


  • Adriana & David Spellman
  • Ann & Scott Kohler
  • Anne Collins
  • Anthony Albano
  • BankFinancial Libertyville
  • Barbara Higgins
  • Ben Rendall
  • BGV Motorsports & Cuda’s Bar & Grill Car Show Attendees
  • Bloom Women’s Conference
  • Bob & Carol Patulo
  • Bruce Handler
  • Carnes Family
  • Carol Du Clos
  • Century 21 Kreuser & Seiler
  • Chris & Katie Henning
  • Christy Bartolain
  • Chuck & Karen Clow
  • Daughters of Penelope Dione #316 Chapter
  • David Mayfield
  • Donna & John Fischer
  • Eagle Test Systems
  • Erica Sethi
  • Gerald Phillips
  • Grace Lutheran Church
  • Grayslake Central Key Club
  • Heritage Turquoise Table Friends
  • H-O-H Water Technology, Inc.
  • HRC
  • Ian Blackburn & Lisa Giametta
  • In Honor of Ali Walton
  • In Honor of Amy Witherspoon
  • In Honor of Anna Snickenberger
  • In Honor of Audrey & David Johnson’s Grandchildren
  • In Honor of Cathy Andrews’ Birthday
  • In Honor of Curt Kotel
  • In Honor of Dan Snickenberger
  • In Honor of David & Denise Reilly
  • In Honor of Diane Miller’s Birthday
  • In Honor of Elizabeth Williams
  • In Honor of Iota Lambda Iota Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega’s Hera Day
  • In Honor of Kelly Hackendahl
  • In Honor of Lakshya Jain
  • In Honor of Laura Sabino
  • In Honor of Lorraine Pritchard
  • In Honor of Mrs. Carol Bahr
  • In Honor of Nicole Kalisik
  • In Honor of North Shore Pro-Active Health’s 10th Year Anniversary
  • In Honor of Our First Born Son, Zachary Adam Gay
  • In Honor of Peg Bradley
  • In Honor of Phyllis Dolphin
  • In Honor of Red Hat Society Day
  • In Honor of Terry Mayfield
  • In Honor of the Ansel Brainerd Cook Chapter, NSDAR’s 40th Anniversary
  • In Memory of Alice Maguire
  • In Memory of Anna Helmer
  • In Memory of Anthony Albano, Jr.
  • In Memory of Bruce H. Johnson
  • In Memory of Carol Rak
  • In Memory of Cecila Perkins
  • In Memory of Cecilia Daly
  • In Memory of Dorothy Schuler
  • In Memory of Gary & Lorraine Block
  • In Memory of Grandma Rose Castellucci
  • In Memory of Jack Besser
  • In Memory of Jacqueline & Gary Pinsel
  • In Memory of Jennifer Daly
  • In Memory of Jody Shannon
  • In Memory of Melbadyne Poglayen
  • In Memory of Mrs. T. H. Simms
  • In Memory of Myrtle Besser
  • In Memory of Robin Whitespear
  • In Memory of Rocco & Thomasine Sabino
  • In Memory of Rose Castellucci
  • In Memory of Shirley Wonders
  • Iota Lambda Iota Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega in honor of Founders Day
  • Jeff and Anne Brandt
  • Jeri & Joe Prybell
  • Jody Jakolat
  • Joel Klahn
  • Kathleen Hajduk
  • Kenna Heat Cool Solutions
  • Key Club of Lakes Community High School
  • Ladies of Tantara
  • Lake County Haven Board of Directors
  • Lake County Haven Staff
  • Lake County Mothers of Twins Club
  • Leela Nair
  • LHS Girls Soccer Program
  • Liberty Auto City
  • Libertyville Girls Basketball Program
  • Lynn Morrissey & Joseph Salvatore
  • Marcel the Greatest Dog Ever
  • Mari & Steve Johnson
  • Mary & Dennis Mudd
  • Mary Kay & James Kennedy
  • Melissa McGrory
  • Michelle Long
  • Mike & Terri Pedersen
  • Money Mailer of Central Lake County in Memory of Grace M. Koffell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hutson
  • Nancy Binder
  • Nathaniel Alden
  • Nora Coxon
  • Our friends in the St. Andrews neighborhood
  • Pages for Paige
  • Patrice Knauff
  • Patti & Doug Prey
  • Paula Lipson
  • Peace on Earth
  • Peg Bradley
  • Pete & Anne Coburn
  • Pizzeria Deville
  • Richard Niemann
  • Rotary Club of Long Grove, Kildeer & Hawthorn Woods
  • Roz & Jamie Topolski
  • Sassy Sisters
  • Scott & Gail Okin
  • Shakou Libertyville
  • Shawna & John Neal
  • Susan Hynes
  • Teradyne
  • The ETAs
  • The Shannon Grandchildren
  • United Protestant Church of Grayslake
  • Valerie Kidwell

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