Merit School of Music: Removing Barriers and Transforming Lives

Merit School of Music is dedicated to removing financial, geographic, and other barriers to high-quality music education and transforming the lives of nearly 5,000 Chicago-area youth. Your gift today will give students and families continued access to music education.

Merit has achieved something outstanding and unique among community music schools by creating a dynamic programming pathway that offers its diverse student body sustained access to the highest quality musical instruction.

Merit School of Music is one of my favorite places on earth,” says Yo-Yo Ma, National Advisory Board member. “I’ve seen its work through visiting there, but also through many of their graduates. What it does is to not let talent escape because it has the broadest net. At its most lofty level to its most basic response to the needs of a community, it is such an incredible organization.”

Here are key ways Merit transforms the lives of Chicago-area youth:

Merit School of Music infographic

Give the Gift of Music

Your gift will have immediate impact — from providing financial aid and low-cost instrument rental, to ensuring that dozens of Merit’s community-based programs continue throughout the city of Chicago. Make a generous 100 percent tax deductible gift today.

Support Merit with a donation today!

Merit School of Music

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