What Would You Ask Chicago’s Most Successful Women?

From left: Luisa Echevarria, Ana Dutra and Kate Bensen

If you’ve ever daydreamed about picking the brains of some of the most successful women in Chicago, we’ve got an opportunity for you — thanks to the newly rebranded and renamed magazine Chicago Woman.

In an astute move last month, the magazine formerly known as FW: Chicago rebranded and formed an editorial advisory board of powerful female movers and shakers in Chicago to more strongly convey its mission to speak directly to professional women in Chicago. “We have established a strong, authoritative voice for Chicago’s women and received an incredible amount of support and interest from the community,” says Publisher Kendra Chaplin. “This led to forming our Executive Editorial Board.” Board member Ana Dutra, CEO of Executives’ Club of Chicago, commends the publication’s commitment to “exposing and promoting incredible women who are shifting paradigms, breaking rules, and challenging the status quo.”

An impressive lineup of powerful women in law, business, technology, media, and consulting make up the board:

“It’s an honor to be part of the Executive Editorial Board for Chicago Woman,” says Kate Bensen. “Part of what makes Chicago a great city is this spirit of giving back and making sure we bring the next generation of talented women through the door with us.”

This spirit opens wide the door for you to send Chicago Woman or Make It Better questions for these innovative women about how you can become part of that next generation.

Chicago Woman has already published profiles of or advice from Dorri McWhorter, Julie Smolyansky, Emilia DiMenco, Kathleen Henson, Kate Benson, Terri Brax, and Amanda Signorelli. The magazine plans similar future content from other board members.

Chicago Woman is distributed online through email newsletters, in print bimonthly through U.S. mail to requesters and at numerous locations throughout Chicago, including at monthly events. For additional information, please visit chicago-woman.com and follow Chicago Woman on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Make It Better is proud to connect you to this opportunity to learn from female thought leaders. Send us your questions at [email protected]

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