Fall Maintenance Checklist: Prepare Your Home for Winter’s Worst

Fall is the perfect time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference in preparation for the upcoming cold weather. While many of these maintenance tasks are fairly simple, they are still very important to complete before cold weather arrives to prevent damage to both your home and wallet. When you choose to hire a professional, it’s worth the expense. You’ll save money — and save yourself from the safety risks.

Hester Home Maintenance is the perfect choice for homeowners with their fall checklist of more than 35 tasks. Tony Iannessa, a new client for their quarterly service, raved, “What a huge lifesaver Hester Home Maintenance has been! I have already recommended them to our friends and family.”

Some of the key items recommended for fall maintenance are:

  • Inspect and clean the gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and water in your basement. Once most of the leaves have fallen, clean out gutters and downspouts (hire a helper if you are not comfortable on a ladder).
  • Seal gaps where critters could enter. Mice need only a tiny gap to sneak into your house, and all the little critters will be looking for warm places. Fill small holes and cover any larger gaps securely.
  • Turn off exterior faucets. Frost-proof spigots with a faucet insulator and shut off any unnecessary water supply to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Make exterior repairs. Walk around your property, looking for signs of damage or cracks to the roof, siding and foundation. Schedule repairs before winter weather hits.

With plans starting as low as $200 per quarter, there is no longer any excuse for putting off these important tasks.


Trust Hester to protect your family and your home. Call 847-677-5130 now to schedule a home maintenance consultation, or visit HesterHomeMaintenance.com to learn more.

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