Holiday season ensures many fun and festive holiday parties. Pair your favorite party outfit with a glam updo.

John Gialluisi, Creative Director for Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas, says, “For the holiday season, updos should look put together, but with a confident nonchalance.” Vivian Arpino, owner of BloOuts in Highland Park, explains, “Braids are still huge this season. We can’t get enough of them! Low ponytails (sharply parted or messy), stick-straight and untextured hair are also trends we’re seeing on the runway this season.”



A ballerina bun is sleek, easy to do, and shows off the cheekbones and neck. “The bun is perfect for any time of day, and for any hair type,” Arpino says. “All you have to do is purchase a hair donut (sold at local drugstores). Put your hair in a high ponytail, place the bun at the base of the ponytail and wrap your hair around it. Use pins to keep it in place. It’s simple, sleek and always fashionable!”



Braids continue to be wildly popular, but to make them more chic, incorporate braids into an updo. Wear a braid across the crown of your head and secure the rest of your hair into a low bun. This style has been seen on countless celebrities, including Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum, and is sure to bring on the compliments at your next holiday time event.



“A low ponytail with a side part looks sexy, sophisticated and is very easy to do,” Arpino says. “For this look, part your hair on the side and comb it through into a tight ponytail. Wrap a strand of loose hair around the ponytail and pin it underneath. Hairspray any loose hairs. (Running a toothbrush through your hair really keeps those fine hairs in place.)”


Side-Swept Wrap Pony 

“A side-swept wrap is a perfect look for any occasion, formal or casual,” Gialluisi says. To create this look, first add texture with a curling iron. Divide hair into halves and bring one side forward over the shoulder (this will be the pony). Take the other half and divide it into halves once again. Grab the middle piece and wrap it over the pony and pull under. Secure at the back of the scalp with a pin, or however many needed. Wrap the remaining piece around the top of the side knot, pull under and secure with another pin along the back of the scalp. Use fingers to gently tousle the pony to create volume and texture.