Better Makers: WorldWideWomen Hosts a Day of Power and Possibility for Bay Area Girls

Arts and Entertainment Panel at WorldWideWomen Girls' Festival (Photos by Nikki Ritcher Photography.)

The third annual WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival that took place on Saturday, Oct. 6 at Santa Clara University was a day of power and possibility for thousands of girls and their families from around the Bay Area. The festival attracted around 2,000 girls and their families with more than 100 activities hosted by 70 Bay Area companies and organizations.

1960 San Antonio Ave Berkeley

The incredible view from Berkeley's luxurious Spring Mansion. (Photos courtesy of each real estate firm.)

If you’re going to live somewhere as stunningly scenic as the San Francisco Bay Area, it just makes sense to buy a home with a view. The Bay Area real estate market is undeniably thriving, with housing prices shooting up by over $200,000 in just the first six months of this year. For those who