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Extraordinary Kids, Kindergarten Enrichment Program

10 Deerfield Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

Enrich your child’s kindergarten year with an Educational Adventure. Each session will explore several thematic units that will be integrated into all curriculum areas. Kids wonder… Can I draw pictures using invisible ink and turn crystals into bouncing balls? (Monsters), Africa seems far away. Are kids there like me? (Africa), Can I be a Paleontologist and find fossils? (Dinosaurs). Students will discover answers to these questions and much more.

Extraordinary Kids is an inspiring kindergarten enrichment program. Embraced by parents and their children across Chicago’s North Shore and Northwest Suburbs, the Extraordinary Kids experience prepares children for a highly successful, lifelong learning adventure.

Extraordinary Kids meets once a week for two hours to supplement and energize your child’s education and learning potential.  Throughout the session, our students absorb an expanse of knowledge and confidence, and treasure every minute of it.

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