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CenterStage in Lake Forest

400 E. Illinois Rd.
Lake Forest, IL 60045

CenterStage provides not only a source of live entertainment to our audiences, but more importantly, a wealth of educational opportunity in the theater arts for all members of the community. Its mostly volunteer casts & crews represent a kaleidescope of young and old, dedicated amateurs and aspiring professionals, seasoned veterans and rookies. Through the years, our productions have served as a foundation for many a career in theater and the related arts. Many more have discovered their lifelong love of theater, literature, music, art, design and other creative pursuits while working on our shows.

CenterStage generally produces 3 plays each year, all performed at the Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest, IL.

The mission of CenterStage is to produce live theatrical events with people of all ages from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Knollwood, and surrounding communities. We attract, train, and retain talent in all aspects of the theater arts, while emphasizing a fun, rewarding experience.

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