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Allendale Association

P.O. Box 1088

Allendale (est. 1897) is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the care, treatment and advocacy for over 1,200 high-risk Illinois youth and their families annually. These children, often victims of abuse, neglect or childhood mental illness, come to Allendale with the devastating experiences of failure in the classroom, misunderstanding in the home and isolation in the community.


Programs and services reach children with a broad range of moderate to profound emotional and behavioral disabilities through a continuum of care. Residential and Day Treatment that include specialized education and counseling services, Out-patient Services, Transitional and Independent Living Programs and Foster Care offer troubled youth a chance to heal and a reason to hope.


Allendale’s peaceful main campus in Lake Villa offers youth opportunities to discover new strengths and skills, and services have grown to over 10 community-based treatment and program sites, primarily throughout Lake and McHenry Counties.


Every aspect of treatment is a collaborative effort with professional staff in conjunction with family or guardians and the child to establish goals and create a life plan that extends beyond the doors of Allendale.

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