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Little by Little

P.O. Box 934
Glenview, IL 60025

Little By Little is a nonprofit organization that faithfully partners with those in need of improved health and well-being.

What We Do:

Maternal/Child Wellness and Primary Care

Although our focus is maternal/child wellness and family primary care, we treat everyone who finds their way to the clinic. We also provide care for school children and orphans from the surrounding area. Our first focus is to relieve suffering by using our resources against infections, infestations, malnutrition, and to treat the simple diseases we encounter. While in the clinic, we take the opportunity to teach general hygiene practices and provide families with toothbrushes, soap and antibacterial ointment. Also, by providing vitamins to all pregnant and lactating women, to all children, and to those with severe anemia, we are helping to promote a healthier start in life, while sustaining others in need.

In keeping with our mission, partnering with the community is essential. Mountain Top Ministries coordinates villagers to help in the clinic as interpreters, clerics and assistants (Link to MTM – again, in case someone reads this out of order). Eventually the clinic will be staffed by Haitians, shifting our efforts to supporting and sustaining their work.

Environmental Initiatives

Having a clean water supply is key to sustaining a level of basic health care to all people. Mountain Top Ministries has provided that gift to the villagers in Gramothe, Haiti via a collecting cistern at the site of the school, church and medical clinic.

Laboule Home, Children’s Orphanage

Laboule Children’s Home is a small orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti that cares for 13 children who have been orphaned either by the death of both parents, or through the inability of a single parent to continue to care for their child. These children range in age from 6 years to 13 years. They attend school, receive regular health care, clothing, and shoes along with other essentials and experience a sense of family with each other and their caregivers from Mountain Top Ministries. This year the Children’s Home has lost their previous funding source. Little By Little has been able to raise the necessary funds to continue to provide the basic needs for these desperate children. Thank you!

Other Partnerships

Little by Little lends financial support to the work of Healing Hands for Haiti, an organization that rehabilitates individuals who have been physically disabled, including those who are disabled as a result of the 2010 earthquake.

Future Programs

Sustainability is our main focus for the future. Our initiatives for the maternal/child wellness program and family primary care are just beginning. We look forward to include immunizations, nutrition rescue and disease screening, along with educational outreach. Improving the clinic site with more space, electricity, rudimentary laboratory diagnostics and even

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