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Fellowship of Afro-American Men (FAAM) Youth Basketball Program

No. 944 Grey Avenue
Evanston, IL

In 1968, Evanston School District 65, due to financial constraints, cut back on school athletic programs. These program cuts put a void in athletic activities for Evanston’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Realizing the impact of such cuts, a group of Afro-American men in Evanston sought to replace these activities by forming the Fellowship of Afro-American Men Youth Basketball League, better known as FAAM. Considered to be the “founding fathers”, FAAMs original members consisted of Andrew Rodez, Howie Barksdale, Ray Sanders, Henry White, Bill Logan and the leagues only Commissioner, Gene Bell. Noting their importance to the community, the members set their eyes on four major goals: 1. To teach the Afro-American youth the value of good sportsmanship and team play. 2. To teach basketball skills. 3. To teach Afro-American students that athletics, though important in life, is secondary to education. 4. To present positive and progressive Afro-American men as role models for our youth.

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