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2017 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Her

Posted By Cara Sullivan On November 29, 2017 @ 10:00 am In Family,HOLIDAYS | No Comments

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but who says she has to have just one? We introduce a few sparkling candidates for her crystalline crew, plus a few ways to relax and indulge in life’s little pleasures.

Mineralogy Brass Circle and Arc Earrings [1]

gift ideas: Mineralogy [1]

Big, brassy baubles handcrafted right here in Chicago by metalsmith Theresa Cowan$68, Mineralogy [2]

Kayu Margaux Clutch [5]

gift ideas: Kayu Margaux Clutch [5]

Two of the top trends for fall — va-va-voom velvet and sparkling stone — in one cool carry-all. $245, Kayu [6]

  • Even Better: Each bag is handcrafted by stay-at-home moms in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, allowing them the opportunity to make living wages without ever leaving their babes.

David Yurman Black Onyx Barrels Bracelet in 18K Gold [7]

gift ideas: David Yurman bracelet [7]

Delicate enough to stack with other bracelets — yet striking enough to shine on its own. $2,150, Razny Jewelers [7], 1700 Green Bay Road, Highland Park

  • Even Better: There’s no better feeling than that of supporting a local, family-owned business — especially one that’s been around for 51 years and counting.

Sidney Garber 18K White Gold and Diamond Scribble Ring [8]

gift ideas: Sidney Garber ring [8]

Six interlocking diamond bands in one single, modern ring. $9,000, Neapolitan Collection [8], 560 Chestnut St., Winnetka

  • Even Better: Sidney Garber [9] donates 100 percent of all profits to organizations dedicated to children’s mental health, education, the arts, human rights, and the environment.

JINsoon Nail Polish — Tout Ensemble Collection [10]

gift ideas: JINsoon nail polish [10]

Chip-free lacquer that’s chic and formaldehyde-free. $56, Space519 [10], 900 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago

  • Even Better: Resist the urge to buy online, and head to Chicago beauty boutique Space519 — located right downtown — instead.

Pedro Garcia Metallic Sneakers [11]

gift ideas: Pedro Garcia metallic sneakers [11]

Metallic by way of silk. On your feet. This is real life, people! $316, Chalk Boutique [12], 337 Park Ave., Glencoe

Sudara Anju Robe [14]

gift ideas: Sudara Anju Robe [14]

We don’t know what we love more: the beautiful, unique print or the impossibly silky feel of the fabric — and she won’t either. $79, Sudara [15]

  • Even Better: Each robe is made in India by women working to remain free from sex slavery — and every purchase invests in job creation and skills training.

Tatcha Deep Polish Rice Enzyme Powder [16]

gift ideas: Tatcha Deep Polish [16]

This magical whip relies on gentle rice bran (who knew?) to deliver the kind of exfoliation normally associated with harsh chemicals. $65, Tatcha [17]

  • Even Better: Every full-size purchase funds a day of school in partnership with Room to Read [18]’s Girls’ Education Program.

Saor Perfume [19]

gift ideas: Saor Perfume [19]

Free of alcohol and water, this subtle perfume oil relies on the natural calming properties of bergamot, white tea, and musk to ease tension. $65 for 10ml, Saor Perfume [20]

  • Even Better: Through the end of December, 10 percent of profits will be donated to Opportunity International [21], a global nonprofit.

Kohler Waters Spa Bath Treatment [22]

gift ideas: Kohler Waters Spa [22]

A long soak in the tub is relaxing; the Kohler Bath Treatment (at the Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge) is downright mind-numbing. Up for a splurge? Make it a really relaxing year and buy 12. $104, Kohler Waters Spa [22]

  • Even Better: To date, Kohler has donated more than $1.156 million (and counting!) worth of their products worldwide.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Soirée Smash [23]

gift ideas: Vosges Haut-Chocolat [23]

Like a chic, grown-up piñata, this giant slab of sweetness comes with a wooden mallet for hacking away at it. $50, Vosges Haut-Chocolat [24]

  • Even Better: Every bit of chocolatey goodness is made at an organic manufacturing facility in Chicago that operates on 100 percent renewable energy.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker [25]

gift ideas: Bellabeat [25]

Some trackers focus on weight loss; this one monitors sleep, menstrual cycles, and activity and stress levels, too. $139, Bellabeat [26]

  • Even Better: Beyond looking out for your body, Leaf offers guided breathing exercises and meditation to help optimize your wellbeing when stress levels are high.

ELUCX Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift [27]

gift ideas: ELUCX Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift [27]

Inside is a French pink clay mask, mixing set, sea salt bath soak, and cold-pressed red clay soap. Throw in a bottle of dry rosé, and go ahead and crown yourself World’s Best Gifter. $80, Ames and Oates [28]

  • Even Better: Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to Pencils of Promise [29], which provides children access to quality education.


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Cara Sullivan is Make It Better’s Print Managing Editor. She has held positions at Cosmopolitan, Allure, and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, and writes for many national and local publications. Sullivan lives in Ravenswood Gardens with her husband and two young daughters, and is a passionate supporter of Indivisible Chicago [34], a grassroots organization that focuses on direct actions that small, local groups can take to influence their representatives in Washington. 



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