The American Red Cross is Now Accepting Nominations for the 2019 Heroes BreakfastThe American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois is accepting nominations to honor the heroes walking among us at its annual Heroes Breakfast in spring 2019. Every year, the Red Cross honors individuals and groups for acts of great bravery, dedication, and service to the community at our Heroes Breakfast. Those honored at this event embody the mission at the American Red Cross: to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. We honor heroes like Olivia Shorter, who battles the challenges of sickle cell disease every day and is a champion for others with the disease. Learn more about our 2018 Blood Services Hero.

There are 11 categories for heroes:

  • Blood Services Nominee(s) involved in creating awareness of the importance of blood donation in the community and/or acts as an activist for the blood community at large.
  • Community Impact Individual(s) who has displayed leadership and commitment to community by making a positive and significant impact.
  • Disaster Services Individual(s) who has exhibited heroic efforts in any or all of the areas of disaster services, including preparedness, response, or recovery during a natural disaster or emergency situation.
  • Emergency Medical Services Individual(s) who has exhibited heroic efforts as a paramedic, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) representative, OR a non-medical professional with any type of training to prepare them for the emergency (i.e: lifeguard training, CPR training, or first aid).
  • Firefighter The nominee(s) is a professional, reserve, or volunteer firefighter or medical personnel related to dispatch operations of a fire department.
  • Global Citizenship The nominee(s) has volunteered or worked to meet the needs of the world’s potentially vulnerable populations by building safer, more resilient communities and providing relief.
  • Good Samaritan The eligible nominee(s) is 18 years or older and has performed an act of heroism involving an unusual, significant, or unexpected incident requiring a courageous or unselfish reaction in a crisis or time of need.
  • Law Enforcement The nominee(s) is a professional police officer or related law enforcement official.
  • Military The nominee(s) is an active or retired military service member, a member of the military reserves, or a member of the military reserve training corps or a military supporter
  • Nurse The nominee(s) is a licensed and practicing nurse, nursing student, or retired nurse.
  • Youth The nominee(s) must be 17 years old or under at the time of the incident or act. The eligible nominee(s) has performed an act of heroism involving an unusual, significant, or unexpected incident requiring a courageous or unselfish reaction in a crisis or time of need.

Please note that professional nominees (medical services, firefighters, law enforcement, military, or nurses) do not have to be on-duty at the time of the event. Likewise, all nominees can be heroic in a single event, or can be committed to an ongoing situation.

Is there a firefighter, police office, Good Samaritan, or someone who continually makes a positive impact on the world like Olivia Shorter in your life? If so, nominate them today.

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