Since 2003, The Lake County Community Foundation has connected the generosity of donors with community needs by making grants to organizations working to improve the lives of the most vulnerable residents of our county.

As nonprofit organizations, local governments and businesses strive to tackle issues of concern, the Foundation provides civic leadership bringing all stakeholders to a common table. Working together, the Foundation, its donors and its community partners leverage collective knowledge, creativity and resources for a greater impact than any of us can make alone.

Make a Difference

The Lake County Community Foundation: Warehouse Art Party

Join The Lake County Community Foundation for A Warehouse ART Party — stART Something Lake County! on Nov. 10 to celebrate 15 years of impact. Local artists will create pieces live to be auctioned off in support of LCCF’s Robert F. Reusché Operating Endowment – Lake County’s Forever Fund. Learn more and buy tickets here or visit LCCF’s Facebook page.

The Lake County Community Foundation: Map of Lake County

LCCF is honored to have world-renowned local watercolorist Mark McMahon as the lead artist at the 15th Anniversary Warehouse Art Party. As a special tribute to LCCF’s 15th anniversary, McMahon was commissioned to create an iconic map of Lake County in his signature style. The original piece will debut at the Nov. 10 event, with signed prints available for order and sale.

Our Mission

The mission of The Lake County Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable residents of the county by providing civic leadership, promoting collective philanthropy and partnering with our grant recipients.

In pursuit of this mission we act as a:

by mobilizing community leadership to find and fund collaborative, innovative approaches to address Lake County’s most pressing issues

by maintaining in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit sector, sharing it with others and building partnerships that strengthen our community

Grant Maker
by leveraging the power of collective philanthropy to pool charitable dollars to achieve the greatest possible impact

by acting as a trusted guide of donor resources and partnering with community-minded individuals, families and organizations to ensure a legacy for charitable solutions

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