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The mission of the Make It Better Foundation is to identify and amplify the work of outstanding nonprofits while growing a network of well-informed, committed philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and media partners.  

We do this by vetting nonprofits, giving awards and grants, fostering outstanding storytelling and digital collaborations, and providing clear, easily actionable ways to support worthy organizations.

Our programs include:

  • Nonprofit Directory — Apply to be a part of our regularly updated list of vetted nonprofit organizations
  • Philanthropy Awards — an annual competition to identify, elevate, and amplify the most effective nonprofits making a difference
  • Cash Grants — reward nonprofits’ collaborative fundraising initiatives and excellent storytelling through cash grant support
  • Give Time | Things | Money — clear messaging of both urgent and ongoing opportunities to make a difference
  • Holiday Giving — gifting new, warm, winter outerwear and blankets each holiday season to those who need it
  • Media — coverage about nonprofits and practical networking tools to amplify strategic connections
  • Engage with Us — opportunities to collaborate as a Sponsor, Media Partner, Judge, Donor, Nonprofit or Foundation

We foster powerful storytelling and media collaborations that help nonprofits expand their network of support. 

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