Bay Area: Clinic by the Bay

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Founded in 2008, San Francisco-based Clinic by the Bay provides primary care health services for the medically underserved in the San Francisco Bay Area. The clinic’s goal is to improve the overall health, vitality and economic climate of the community it serves.

Last year, Clinic by the Bay served 670 people, and since opening, have enrolled more than 2,500 patients and completed more than 17,000 patient visits. According to the clinic’s annual survey, 85% of patients report that their health has improved. To date, the clinic’s volunteers have contributed nearly 70,000 hours of service, valued at well over $3 million.

In addition, Clinic by the Bay has made a positive impact with programs like the Food Security Program, which provides boxes of fresh produce to patients experiencing food insecurity. In the past year, they also provided Health Coaching and Diabetes Education visits to patients to help manage their chronic diseases, as well as prescription assistance to help cover the cost of life-saving prescriptions.

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