Northwestern University Settlement House

Any day of the year you can find people happily engaged in helping others in NUSH’s historic facility on the north west side of Chicago.

Anyone in need will be warmly welcomed in the entry, which feels like a well-loved living room.

“Everyone who comes here is considered a neighbor, and we can make problems go away,” says President Ron Manderschled. “The food pantry and crisis programs are the foundation of addressing immediate needs. But we’re also proud of our schools, theater and summer camp programs, too.”

Northwestern University Settlement House nurtures, educates and inspires children, families and seniors in Chicago’s West Town community through programs that wrap comprehensive support around a diverse population of clients.

Founded more than 120 years ago, NUSH has grown dramatically to include comprehensive social services, a Head Start preschool, the Rowe Elementary Charter School, a food bank and more programs for the diverse community it serves.

Volunteers, who are as likely to be former clients as they are North Shore residents, help in the food pantry and affiliated schools. Staff helps families navigate whatever problems they face.

From birth to death, NUSH’s “wrap-around” holistic approach to helping the needs of individuals and families insures immediate assistance for short-term emergencies and provides the long-term best-practice knowledge, opportunities and support that can help clients break the cycle of poverty. NUSH’s ability to innovate and collaborate with other programs is the hallmark of its success.

Northwestern University Settlement House By The Numbers:

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