Philanthropy Awards:

“When they won our PA, Bernie’s Book Bank included the distribution of their 2 millionth book in our video. Three or 4 years later they are at 9 million and 130 locations.” —Susan Noyes

“We are still using much of the original footage of the video ‘award’ that we received from Make It Better, and it has been instrumental in helping us grow our program. We are now in 25 cities, with nearly 200 corporate partners and 5,000 tutors. Thank you for helping us expand and thrive!” —Seth Weinberger, Executive Director, Innovations for Learning

“[The Grant Making Team] really wanted assurance that we had tightened and polished up our messaging and that we had the tools in place to go to our donors and solicit major gifts. We showed the video to the interview team. They were visibly moved by the video and it seemed to provide them with the final bit of evidence that we were primed to launch a [$100,000 matching grant] campaign.” —Kelly Austin, Communications Manager, James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

“We raised an extra $500,000 because of the Philanthropy Award and video. This video is so powerful for us. It tells such a great story.” —Andrew David, Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

“We showed the video at our annual spring benefit, which raised a recording breaking $1.7 million!” —Donita Travis, By the Hand Club for Kids

“The video is the first piece of information I share with everyone and the grants for which we apply. This video is priceless in our efforts to communicate our message.” —Sherry Arthur, By the Hand Club for Kids

According to John Daily, GLASA increased fundraising by 64 percent.

“I cannot think of a better gift to give a young nonprofit than a way to effectively communicate their mission. We showed the video at our latest fundraising event and it was the most successful event ever.” —Robin Lavin, SPARK

“When I got the call that we had won this award, it was the best gift I could get. Since the day I met the folks at Make It Better, they have been there with us supporting us in everything that we do.” —Neli Vazquez Rowland, A Safe Haven

“I’m really grateful for what Make It Better has done for the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy, and cannot say enough how much it means when we’re able to show (the video) at our events and our conferences and our talks to really share how important it is for students to have another opportunity and know that people care about them.” —Joi-Anissa Russell, James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

“It was amazing to be able to win the award. (Make It Better’s video) gives us so much momentum to draw youth into our organization.” —Virginia McCray, BUILD, Inc.

“The effect of the award has been phenomenal. The program has grown over the past three to four years; the numbers (of participants) have increased dramatically.” —Roneal Hall, Crushers Club

$10,000 Matching Grant:

“I found out yesterday the Chicago campaign for Puerto Rico with LuminAID ended up raising $100,000 — or 10,000 solar lanterns. Thanks for your support both by Make It Better promotion and personal donation. Sometimes a lightbulb idea can make a real difference.” —Amanda Hanley, Co-Founder, Hanley Foundation

“We are confident the Matching Grant Challenge helped Ingenuity raise over $430,000! Remarkably, Ingenuity secured nearly $13,000 on the night of the event and donations are still trickling in. Thank you.”  — Breana Hernandez, Development Manager, Ingenuity


“The unexpected, anonymous donation of $25,000 that Above and Beyond received as a direct result of the Earned Media press coverage from Better.net was a wonderful shock to us all! This marked the first time in our existence that we have received such a significant sum from somebody that we didn’t know. It is a testimony to the irresistibly persuasive ask that the Better Organization made on our behalf, and coupled with their powerful reach they have markedly improved the lives of over 100+ homeless and disenfranchised substance abusers! We cannot thank you enough!” — Dan Hostetler, Above & Beyond Executive Director

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