Environmental Law & Policy Center Awarded a Cash Grant from Make It Better Foundation

Monthly, the Make It Better Foundation selects an organization from a pool of applicants that will be awarded a cash grant — in a sum of $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000. The selected organization must first meet criteria, chief among them being collaborative fundraising efforts and awareness promotion. In layman’s terms, the MIBF seeks to shine a spotlight on and financially uplift committed organizers who go beyond the bounds of stewardship by placing collaboration and storytelling at the crux of their mission.

Which makes the Environmental Law & Policy Center the perfect candidate to receive one of MIBF $10,000 cash grants in the month of March. ELPC — a Midwest environmental legal advocacy organization founded in 1993 — has been a steadfast leader in the legal, strategic fight for the environment. As well as an institution that uses education and collaboration as a way to inform opinion leaders, the general public and members of the court.

Manny Flores, vice chair of the ELPC, makes his remarks at the 2021 ‘Together Again’ Gala.

Aside from the legal front — championed by ELPC’s impressive team — the center also calls upon fellow colleagues fighting the same battle. Organizations such as Alliance for Electric School Buses and Charge Up Midwest convened with ELPC to keep the conversation going around securing electric buses, particularly for neighborhoods in Chicago affected by high levels of air pollution. Moreover, the organization plans to use the funds from the MIBF grant to directly address this issue in disproportionately harmed communities.

“ELPC’s supporters include foundations, individual donors and members of the communities where ELPC is fighting to protect clean air; safe, clean drinking water; preserve land use; defend beautiful Midwest natural landscapes from unneeded and unsightly disruptive projects; and advance electric vehicles and public transit that reduce harmful fossil fuel pollution,” said a spokesperson for the center.

More information about the Environmental Law & Policy Center website.

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